Comfortable Camping on the South Downs. Beautiful Scenery. Huge Yurt and Bell Tents. Wildlife Adventures. Excellent Guides. Local Food.

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Safari Britain offers weekends of elegant camping and wonderful wildlife adventures for big groups on the South Downs in Sussex.

In 2009 our campsite can be booked by groups of up to 16 people. Some of our weekends have specific expert guides, while others can be tailor made to suit you. You can choose from preparing squirrels for the pot, foraging for wild plants and mushrooms, hunting with falcons, bird-watching, wild flower spotting, landscape history and archaeology walks or painting on the South Downs. There are lots of adventures to suit all groups – adults or children.


If all that sounds too active, just come and stay in our bell-tents and big sumptuous yurt on a gorgeous patch of private land deep in the South Downs and listen to the skylarks…

 If you are a small family or an individual we can accommodate you too… watch this website for details.

The Safari Britain camp is just 90 minutes from London, in the heart of the South Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our weekends are inexpensive, entertaining and incredibly green. We are taking bookings for 2009 from May – October.  Contact or telephone 07818064456 or 07780871996.

Read what the media had to say:

“If this is camping, then please let me live in a tent for the rest of my life!”  Clover Stroud, The Sunday Telegraph.

“By Sunday evening, we are definitely feeling at one with nature. We have eaten snails cooked in butter and wild garlic, learnt to recognise different bird songs, watched kestrels hunting and met a barn owl. We leave with the children proudly clutching their trophies of skulls, bones and pelts…”  Katie Tait, The Saturday Telegraph.

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